HOUSE WINE RACING is a regional cycling team based in Seattle, Washington. Founded in the fall of 2011, HWR is proud to be one of the fastest growing cycling organizations in the Northwest. Now in it's fourth full year of competition, the team is branching out into new arenas of racing and volunteering in the community.

With riders competing in the various road, mountain, track and cyclocross disciplines, HWR has riders out every day of the year. Whether it's sunshine, mud, rain, sleet or snow, you can count on seeing the boys in black.

The riders of HWR are proud ambassadors of team sponsors, competitive cycling and local fitness community both on and off the bike. They support sustainable living by commuting to work on two wheels instead of four. In addition, HWR partners with local non-profit organizations to promote trail development & maintenance in the area.


House Wine Racing is more than just a cycling team. It's a MOVEMENT. A group of riders that are passionate community members. Our team members are also active brand ambassadors that represent the products and services of our sponsor partners with knowledge and pride.

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HWR is proud to have the best group of sponsor partners in the Northwest. With industry leaders and community-oriented companies, our network is focused on making a difference in the local community on race day and every day.

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